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Manafort takes a Plea..Why ?

Why would the 69 yr. old Paul Manafort agree to a plea. It’s simple just think about it. He gets convicted in Virginia and is awaiting sentencing where he is facing decades in prison. Donald Trump sends many signals that he’ll receive a pardon , Trump even praises him strength for fighting instead of flipping. Meanwhile Manafort awaiting his second trial which is scheduled to start this up coming week in Washington, if convicted he’ll be facing even more time in prison.

By all accounts it’s pretty certain at some point President Trump will pardon him. So why would he take a plea deal that included working with Robert Mueller knowing that it would ruin any chances of a Trump pardon. Trump hates flippers as he stated in an interview on Fox’s morning show Fox and Friends. (See Link Below for Interview)

What he knows…Everything

Manafort knows everything about the Trump campaign. He knows who was paid and where the money came from. He knows about Russia, Russian Oligarchs, the meetings, and the conversations. Paul Manafort was one of the members of the Trump family inner circle so he knows all the dirty laundry.

Why take a Plea

So there’s only one reason that I can see why Manafort would jump teams and put his fate with prosecutors instead of Trump, the man with pardoning power. That reason is, he knows of Trumps guilt. Why else accept a deal from Prosecutors when it was all but certain he would eventually get a pardon.

Manafort knows what Mueller Knows

Manafort knows more than anybody about what the prosecutors know, he knows what Mueller’s team knows. He knows who committed crimes and how much evidence there is against them. So he made an informed decision on his future. Betting that impeachment could happen before Trump has an opportunity to pardon him. He couldn’t take that risk. This should be a loud signal to Donald Trump, YOUR SCREWED, your days are numbered.

Link to Trump on Fox and Friends

Updated: September 15, 2018 — 3:04 pm

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